What happens if we can’t visit the Arizona Memorial?

There are occasions (a few times per year) that the boats do not visit the Arizona Memorial. This can happen as a result of weather conditions, boat mechanical problems, or safety issues at the memorial. If we know in advance that this is happening, then we will do our best to notify you before your tour.

Boarding the Arizona Memorial is only one part of a visit to Pearl Harbour. The Pearl Harbour visitors center, museums, exhibits, movie are all part of the experience.  We feel that it it is still worth visiting Pearl Harbour.

Tour companies do not provide refunds if the Navy boats do not take guests to the Arizona Memorial. It is out of the control of tour companies that have already provided transportation.

Sometimes during closures that are not related to wind or boat maintenance, the boats will go near the memorial, but not board the memorial. in these cases, guests may still board boats to the memorial and float past it. They will also be able to see battleship’s remnants. But they won’t be able to disembark the boats and walk on the memorial.

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