Shopping List for Hawaii Visit

Shopping List for Hawaii Visit

Visitors to Hawaii are often surprised by our prices. Over 80% of the products you find in Hawaii are shipped here, which causes our prices to be higher than other states. There are some products that you will want for your visit, but will save by purchasing them in advance. Even well-travelled visitors find themselves

Top 4 Oahu Activities

Oahu Activities - Waimea Falls

Asking about the most popular activities is a good way to start research about visiting a new place. Oahu has many different activities for many different types of people. At the top of the list, of course, is Pearl Harbour. It is an important monument for the people of the United States, for the People of

Best Ocean Views Hawaii

Oahu Ocean Views Hanauma Bay

Which tour should you take if you are looking for the best ocean views? We recommend the Pearl Harbour Circle Island Tour. With this tour you visit the Arizona memorial first thing in the morning. After leaving Pearl Harbour you will be driven 100 miles around Oahu with excellent ocean views to your left. Your first

History of Oahu

Hawaii State Capitol Building part of History of Oahu

To most people the attack on Pearl Harbour was the most important event in the History of Oahu.  However, there have been numerous important events in the history of Oahu. Captain Cook’s Rediscovery of the Hawaiian Islands In 1778 Captain cook sailed right past Oahu. He did not land on the island of Oahu, but