From Kansas to Somewhere Over the Hawaiian Rainbow: Honoring Pearl Harbour Survivor Adolph Kuhn

Adolph Pearl Harbour Hero and Wife

INTRODUCTION Adolph Kuhn: An American Journey (1921-Present) Amazed at the grandeur of Oz when she first arrived, Dorothy proclaimed to Toto, “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Following the December 7, 1941 surprise attack on Pearl Harbour, the essence of that statement proved to be more than fitting for a certain farm boy

A Picture of Herb is Worth a Thousand Words: Honoring Pearl Harbour Survivor Herb Weatherwax

INTRODUCTION Smile! Click. Post. Repeat. Herb Weatherwax, a spry 98-year-old World War II veteran, has been spreading aloha to tourists and locals at the Pearl Harbour Visitors Center for nearly 20 years. There is no comparison to hearing the stories of December 7, 1941 straight from the mouth of a Pearl Harbour survivor. Coupled with

He Threw His Hat in the Ring Every Step of the Way: Honoring Pearl Harbour Survivor John Seelie

Pearl Harbour Soldier Pic

INTRODUCTION Somehow the 74th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbour just wouldn’t be the same without World War II veteran, John Seelie in attendance. Currently living in Englewood, Florida, the 93 year old has made the trek across country multiple times; his most recent being just last year. Seelie was looking forward to returning

Pearl Harbour Survivor Back to Hawaii for Dec. 7th Ceremony!

Pearl Harbour Survivor John Seelie

UPDATE (11/18/2015): Thank you to everyone who supported the efforts to bring John Seelie, an incredible Pearl Harbour Survivor back to Hawaii for the 74th Anniversary. He has received all of the necessary funding including a large donation from Manhattan Building Company of Naples, FL and first class flights from American Airlines. MAHALO from

100 Year Old Pearl Harbour Survivor Wayne Shelnutt

USS California sinking

Check out this excellent article by Pete Mecca of the Rockdale News about Pearl Harbour Survivor Wayne Shelnutt. His account of the attack is quite fascinating. He served aboard the Battleship USS California, flagship of the Pacific Fleet. Shelnutt mentions that on December 5th, 1941 someone on his ship spotted a submarine.  They spent the

Will Lehner USS Ward Pearl Harbour Survivor Honored

Will Lehner

Pearl Harbour Survivor Will Lehner of the destroyer, USS Ward, was honored at Wisconsin State War Memorial.  The honor included a stone placed in remembrance of Lehner’s service at Pearl Harbour and WWII. At the time of the honor, Will Lehner was 94 years old. When Lehner was 84, he was offered the opportunity to get