About Pearl Harbour

Pearl Harbour Is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is on the island of Oahu.

This page is about this website. Click here if you are looking for information about the Pearl Harbour Attack or more history of Pearl Harbour.

About Pearl Harbour Information

We provide information about Pearl Harbour’s history and about visiting Pearl Harbour. We are proud of the information provided on this website and on our tours. We are also very interested in historical accuracy. If you have any questions or have found an error, please contact us.  Additionally, if you have information that will be useful to others learning about Pearl Harbour, please send it to us so we can include it.

About Pearl Harbour Tours

The Pearl Harbour Tours for sale are selected by experts and operated only by professional companies that have authorization from the Navy and the National Park Service. The process of obtaining Commercial Use Authority (CUA) is complex and ensures that companies with CUAs operate with appropriate insurance and licenses. We only sell tours with CUAs.

The tour guides selected to operate the tours offered on this site are friendly, professional and knowledgeable about Pearl Harbour. To operate these tours Pearl Harbour, they must have clean vehicles and drivers must complete a background check to obtain clearance to drive to Ford Island at Pearl Harbour.

About Pearl Harbour Conspiracies

You may have heard the conspiracy theories related to the Pearl Harbour attack. We abstain from supporting the conspiracy camp or the official view on the attack. However, in the interest of providing a thorough view of the Pearl Harbour attack we address the conspiracy theories about Pearl Harbour. The purpose of this site is not to prove one side or the other. It is to provide a source of information about Pearl Harbour. We hope that, whether you are a conspiracist or not, you find the information here helpful.

About the Visit Pearl Harbour Team

We are a mixed group of historians, tourism professionals, photographers, and writers. We love learning about the Pearl Harbour attack because it is one of the most important events in US history. The Pearl Harbour attacks unified the US in WWII and patriotism flourished. We feel patriotism for our country; especially after learning more from the Pearl Harbour heroes and survivors. However, we must be clear that Patriotism is not blind trust in the reports that came from the US government. We have delved deeper and studied first hand accounts of those involved; on both sides.

It is our hope that you will read our information on the history of Pearl Harbour and come to share our patriotism and appreciation for those who suffered at Pearl Harbour. We are fortunate to live on Oahu and spend plenty of time at Pearl Harbour talking with survivors.  We hope that you can visit and experience the feeling of being on the Arizona Memorial and thinking about men who lost their lives for the USA.