USS Bowfin Submarine Tours

View of the USS Bowfin Submarine Tour

The USS Bowfin submarine is one of the most underrated sites at Pearl Harbour. You have the opportunity to actually go inside a WWII submarine. And not just any submarine, but the “Pearl Harbour Avenger”. When you go inside the submarine you will be amazed by the tight quarters that the submariners lived in. USS Bowfin

Emperor Hirohito

Emperor Hirohito

On Christmas Day 1926 Prince Hirohito became Emperor of Japan. He was 25 years old and reigned as the 124th Emperor. Hirohito chose the name “Showa”, meaning “enlightened peace”, to be remembered by. He was considered a pacifist, however, at the same time he encouraged the role of the Japanese military. In an important meeting

History of the USS Missouri

USS Missouri Battleship

One of the most famous warships of the US Navy, also known as “Mighty Mo” has left her mark in military and national history of the United States in the 20th century.From grandiose construction through participation in the battles of World War II and the signing of the Japanese surrender, to significant roles in blockbuster movies,