Tips for visiting the USS Arizona Memorial

Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbour is an important trip, especially for Americans. This is the place where the United States was attacked and brought into World War II. We were caught off guard and as a result thousands died. On the USS Arizona alone, 1,177 were killed. This important site sees thousands of visitors

Battleship Missouri

Battleship USS Missouri on Call to Duty Tour

Nicknamed the “Mighty Mo”, the USS Missouri is perhaps the world’s most famous battleship. She is the biggest and one of the last to retire. She is best known as the site of the Japanese surrender ending World War II. However, a younger generation might be more familiar with her acting roles in the movie

World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument

When you ask what are the main things to do in Hawaii, usually Pearl Harbour is first on the list.  Pearl Harbour is not necessarily the most accurate name for the location where tourists go. The appropriate name is World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument. What is the difference between a National Park

USS Oklahoma at Pearl Harbour

USS Oklahoma foreground capsized

With twelve torpedo launched against her, USS Oklahoma took the brunt of the torpedo attack on Pearl Harbour.  Nine of those torpedoes hit their mark.  The torpedo attack ripped open holes in the Oklahoma’s hull and caused her to list 40 degrees. Eventually she turned turtle and rolled 135 degrees and 429 men lost their lives. The Oklahoma