Pearl Harbour Oahu to Honor Seven Survivors

James Downing Pearl Harbour Survivor

As each year passes, the list of Pearl Harbour survivors who are physically able to attend the National Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day in Hawaii or even in their home states diminishes drastically. Most of the servicemen who witnessed the event are in their 90s; some have even passed the century mark!

Pearl Harbour Oahu will be honoring seven Pearl Harbour survivors with a feature on each individual, leading up to the 74th Anniversary Commemoration of the bombing of Pearl Harbour scheduled for December 7, 2015.

The surprise aerial attack by the Japanese on December 7, 1941 marked the day the United States became fully engaged in World War II. To see the Pearl Harbour attack through the eyes of someone who was there conveys a more personal perspective – one that we hope the younger generation will view as more than just a chapter in their history books. Whether these living national treasures are celebrities in their own right or just getting by day to day, they deserve to be remembered and treated as heroes.

Each day a different survivor will be profiled. To find out who will be featured for the day and to see their story.

  1. John Seelie
    He Threw His Hat in the Ring Every Step of the Way:  Honoring Pearl Harbour Survivor John Seelie
  2. Ray Chavez
    One Step at a Time: Honoring Pearl Harbour Survivor Ray Chavez
  3. Herb Weatherwax
    A Picture of Herb is Worth a Thousand Words: Honoring Pearl Harbour Survivor Herb Weatherwax
  4. Alex Horanzy
    Last Man Standing: Honoring Pearl Harbour Survivor Alex Horanzy
  5. Adolph Kuhn
    From Kansas to Somewhere Over the Hawaiian Rainbow: Honoring Pearl Harbour Survivor Adolph Kuhn
  6. William Wood
    Wood-n’t You Like to Know? – Honoring Pearl Harbour Survivor William Wood
  7. Jim Downing
    Spreading the Word – Honoring Pearl Harbour Survivor Jim Downing

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