Pearl Harbour Maps – Attack Maps & Island Maps

Map of Pearl Harbour Jamie Lee Curtis

Below is a collection of Pearl Harbour Maps including maps of the attack on Pearl Harbour and locations of the ships at Pearl Harbour on December 7th, 1941.

Map of the Pacific

 Pearl Harbour in the Pacific Ocean

On the map above you can see Pearl Harbour’s location in the middle of the Pacific. This strategic location is why FDR moved the Pacific Fleet to Pearl Harbour in 1940 and why the Japanese chose to attack in 1941.

 Pearl Harbour Maps of Japanese Route


Above is a map of the Japanese objectives at the beginning of WWII courtesy of the United States Military Academy, Department of History.


The above Map shows the route that Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo used to lead the Japanese Carrier force Kido Butai to attack Pearl Harbour undetected.


Pearl Harbour Attack Map

Japanese Map of Pearl Harbour

This Map shows the island of Oahu and the routes that the Japanese planes took on their attack on December 7th. Note that the maps says December 8, 1941, because that was the date in Japan at the time of the attack. The Japanese forces did not adjust their time when travelling to Hawaii.

More Pearl Harbour Maps?

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