What’s included in tours of Pearl Harbour?

All of our tours of Pearl Harbour include:

  • Round-trip transportation from Waikiki to Pearl Harbour (Tours from other islands include round-trip transportation from Honolulu International Airport).
  • Live historical narration by an expert guide.
  • Tickets for the Arizona memorial program (include movie about the attack and boat to the Arizona Memorial)
  • Free time at Pearl Harbour to shop in the bookstore, browse the exhibits, get snacks, take photos.
  • Additional services provided by guides: take your photo, answer historical questions, provide suggestions for enjoying your visit.

Please note that if you don’t take a tour to Pearl Harbour you must pay for your parking and arrange your own tickets (all members of your party must be present to obtain Pearl Harbour tickets at the Visitors Center.

Please see our FAQ about what is not included in tours of Pearl Harbour.

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