Can I view the December 7th Ceremony?

Yes the general public can visit Pearl Harbour for the December 7th Ceremony. The ceremonies are different every year so you should check back if you plan to go.

Many visitors who go to the December 7th Ceremony have expressed regret because they were unable to get tickets to visit the Arizona Memorial.  If you have never been to Pearl Harbour, then it might not be the best time to visit.

However, if you have been to Pearl Harbour before then it may be interesting to you. Just don’t expect to do the normal program.

It is a very busy day at Pearl Harbour. TOURS DO NOT OPERATE on Pearl Harbour Day.

The other sites at Pearl Harbour (Battleship Missouri, Pacific Aviation Museum) operate as normal.

If you want to see dignitaries, survivors, and politicians, the December 7th ceremony will be good for you.

December 7th Pearl Harbour Shuttle

If you would like to visit Pearl Harbour on December 7th, a special Pearl Harbour Day Shuttle is available for $15 from Pearl Harbour Visitors Bureau.


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