Can I take a boat tour to Pearl Harbour?

It was once possible to take a boat tour to Pearl Harbour and see the Arizona Memorial from the water. Now commercial vessels are not allowed in the harbour. The change in policy was made after September 11, 2001. At that time security of all military bases was heightened.

The rules remain in effect and the only way to see the Arizona Memorial from the water is on the Navy boat shuttle that is part of the Pearl Harbour program. That is include on every Pearl Harbour Tour.

If you have a friend who owns a boat that is harboured in Pearl Harbour, you may sail in the harbour, but those boats are not allowed near the Arizona Memorial.

Even when boat tours were allowed in Pearl Harbour, they did not stop at the Arizona Memorial to let people out. Most visitors made another trip to Pearl Harbour to join the official tour that boarded the memorial.

Bio diesel shuttle boat in Pearl Harbour
While tour boats in Pearl Harbour aren’t allowed, you may ride this boat to visit the Arizona Memorial.

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