Is It Ok To Bring Kids To Pearl Harbour?

It is absolutely OK to bring kids to Pearl Harbour. In fact, it is one of the best things that you can do with your kids in Hawaii. Why? Pearl Harbour is a living history lesson. Adults and kids learn more by visiting Pearl Harbour in a couple of hours than they do in a year of history class.

We have some tips if you plan to bring kids to Pearl Harbour that will make your experience even better.

  1. Watch movies before visiting. Watch the movie Pearl Harbour. Watch Battleship. Watch Tora, Tora, Tora. If you can convince your kids to watch documentaries, even better.  By watching movies, the history behind the attack on Pearl Harbour and the events that took place will make more sense.
  2. Bring sunscreen and hats. Much of Pearl Harbour is outdoors. You will have moments of direct sunlight. Avoid ruining a vacation with sunburn by protecting your skin.
  3. If your kids are young enough that they need to be carried you might find a front carried baby sling preferable to a stroller because you cannot take the stroller with you in the Arizona Memorial program.
  4. Read our current Pearl Harbour Security Policies before going.  You can avoid wasting money and time.
  5. Go with a tour. Tours are the most efficient way to move through Pearl Harbour. With kids it is important to keep things moving and get back for naps or rest as soon as you can. Our Pearl Harbour Tours are designed to make the most of your time and keep everyone busy. We recommend Remember Pearl Harbour – Arizona Memorial and USS Missouri for families travelling with kids.  The reason is that this is not a long tour, but it visits the most popular memorials.
  6. Be aware of the USS Bowfin age restrictions.  Children under 4 are not allowed on or in the submarine.

FAQ – Can I bring a stroller to Pearl Harbour?

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