Shopping List for Hawaii Visit

Shopping List for Hawaii Visit

Visitors to Hawaii are often surprised by our prices. Over 80% of the products you find in Hawaii are shipped here, which causes our prices to be higher than other states. There are some products that you will want for your visit, but will save by purchasing them in advance. Even well-travelled visitors find themselves

100 Year Old Pearl Harbour Survivor Wayne Shelnutt

USS California sinking

Check out this excellent article by Pete Mecca of the Rockdale News about Pearl Harbour Survivor Wayne Shelnutt. His account of the attack is quite fascinating. He served aboard the Battleship USS California, flagship of the Pacific Fleet. Shelnutt mentions that on December 5th, 1941 someone on his ship spotted a submarine.  They spent the

Tips for Visiting the Battleship Missouri

Guns of the Missouri Battleship at Pearl Harbour

When people talk about visiting Pearl Harbour, they usually are referring to the Arizona Memorial. There are many other sights to see at Pearl Harbour. The USS Missouri is second most popular site and one you certainly do not want to miss. How can you make your trip better? Follow our tips for visiting the Battleship

JONES, Herbert C.

Herbert C Jones Pearl Harbour Hero

Medal of Honor Winner Herbert Jones was a young officer in the Navy. He died rescuing others during the attack. His wife, Joanne was living in Honolulu, in officer living quarters. Joanne remarried and her son-in-law, Charles Edward Aubrey, had this to say about Herbert Jones: When the ship got hit (Herbert) went down below to get all the

HICKOK, Warren Paul

Hickok, Warren, Pearl Harbour Hero

(Killed on USS Pennsylvania) Hickok was assigned to the light mine layer USS Sicard. According to defense officials, many Sicard crewmembers had been dispatched at the time to help the crew of USS Cummings, a destroyer docked nearby. The Cummings got under way and cleared Pearl Harbour after the attack and reported no injuries. Instead