Tips for Visiting the Battleship Missouri

Guns of the Missouri Battleship at Pearl Harbour

When people talk about visiting Pearl Harbour, they usually are referring to the Arizona Memorial. There are many other sights to see at Pearl Harbour. The USS Missouri is second most popular site and one you certainly do not want to miss. How can you make your trip better? Follow our tips for visiting the Battleship

Washington DC Lady's reaction to Pearl Harbour on December 8, 1941

Washington DC during WWII

We are very lucky that the United States Library of Congress had the foresight to conduct “Man on the Street” Interviews” after the attack on Pearl Harbour. They recorded over 12 hours of reactions to the attack and to the declaration of war. In this audio recording, the “Man on the Street” was a lady.

Will Lehner USS Ward Pearl Harbour Survivor Honored

Will Lehner

Pearl Harbour Survivor Will Lehner of the destroyer, USS Ward, was honored at Wisconsin State War Memorial.  The honor included a stone placed in remembrance of Lehner’s service at Pearl Harbour and WWII. At the time of the honor, Will Lehner was 94 years old. When Lehner was 84, he was offered the opportunity to get

Pearl Harbour Survivor Couple – Betty and Warren Schott

Pearl Harbour Survivor Couple

We first heard about the Pearl Harbour Survivor Couple, Betty and Warren Schott, in an article in the Spokesman-Review by Cindy Hval.  This remarkable couple was living on Ford Island when Pearl Harbour was attacked. They heard an explosion and Warren quickly recognized that Pearl Harbour was under attack from an enemy.  Many others on

Pearl Harbour Survivor from Colorado James Downing

James Downing Pearl Harbour Survivor

INTRODUCTION Remember Pearl Harbour. Weakness invites aggression. Keep America strong. Nobody spreads this message better than Jim Downing. For anyone who has had the opportunity to be engaged by his sharp witticisms on life and historical accounts of Pearl Harbour, it’s clear that there is no better authority on the matter than the 102-year-old World War