Interred inside the USS Arizona

Ceremony to inter ahses inside the USS Arizona

Crew members who survived the Pearl Harbour attack have had the option of being interred inside the USS Arizona to be with their shipmates. The USS Arizona underwater interments involve cremation and a navy diver placing the ashes inside the USS Arizona battleship. On Board the USS Arizona Memorial, the service continues with  a committal service, interment, rifle salute,

Ford Island Control Tower

Ford Island Radio Tower in Pearl Harbour Attack

The History of the Ford Island Control Tower The first radio broadcast of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour at 8:05 a.m. on Dec. 7, 1941, came from the Ford Island Control Tower. At the same time of the announcement, the tower was being bombed and the lower level windows were shattering. The tower was actually under construction

Tips for Visiting the USS Bowfin Submarine

visiting the USS Bowfin

Every once in a while a submarine movie comes out and people travel in droves to the USS Bowfin Submarine to see what life was like for the sailors who lived in a real submarine during wartime. The USS Bowfin was nicknamed “Pearl Harbour Avenger” because she was dedicated one year after the Pearl Harbour Attack.